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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with an Infant

I often tell people, the main reason I can have so many kids and not be crazy (that’s debatable) is because they will SLEEP! If you know me personally, you know I’m not a morning person and I need my rest. I really do need a good night’s sleep, but don’t we all?!

One thing everyone will tell you as an expecting or new parent is: Get ready to never sleep again! Hope you like coffee! You will finally get some rest when they are 18! Etc. etc. etc. You’ve probably heard all of these too. First off, don’t be those people who talk about children like they are a burden or a plague on parents. The last thing an anxious or new mom/parent needs to hear is how awful their life is about to be. Chances are they already feel pretty awful and nervous and don’t need you adding to their misery. Second off, that’s not necessarily true! Other than a few rare nights of sickness or fussiness, we sleep pretty good around here at the Holt House and I account most of that to swaddling!

Just like most new parents we took the child birth classes, and I will have to say, our classes were actually very helpful in many areas. One thing the teacher talked about was swaddling and its benefits. This is my own list. I’m sure there are more scientific reasons out there, but this is why it seems to work for me.

  1. Mimics the womb and soothing pressure

  2. Keeps baby warm

  3. Helps with discomfort from colic or tummy trouble

  4. Reduces waking from the “startle reflex”

  5. Keeps baby asleep for longer periods

Andy learned to swaddle and took it upon himself to become the swaddle master! 😂. I was breastfeeding so I think it was his way of contributing to the nighttime infant care. It may not work for everyone, but after swaddling 7, and them sleeping through the night as infants, I think there’s something to it! All it takes around here is a full belly, a good, tight swaddle, and we are set for a good night’s sleep!

I hope if you are a new or expecting Mama or parent, this might help you get some sleep too! After all, we are all just a good night’s sleep away from a good day!😉


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