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Family Bucket List for Spring:

After a long break of winter, we are itching to be outside and enjoy some family fun in the sunshine! Even though our winters here in Tennessee aren’t as bad as in some places, by March, we all have a serious case of the blahs, and need the change of scenery and pace. Enter the family bucket list!

Honestly, I initially created it to get us motivated to finish up our school book work. When the weather turns nice, we only want to be outside, so I created some fun activities we could do after we completed some of book work. We are all way more motivated to get our math etc done if we know we have a fun outdoor activity afterwards.

Now I know we still have some cold, windy, and rainy days during Springtime too, so I included some indoor and other activities too! Having 7 kids, you know I don’t have the time or money for expensive day trips or time consuming crafts. I kept the list to activities that we have done and enjoy.

Now, go get yourself some vitamin D 🌞

Want to get in the kitchen together? Click HERE for homemade bread recipe

Some of our favorite Spring supplies: HERE

Find local farm activities HERE


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