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Our Farm's Story

I grew up a farm kid on a small row crop and beef cattle farm. My husband grew up on the other side of the state in the city. Through 4-H and FFA, he fell in love with agriculture and that is where our story begins. We met in college on the “ag campus” and the rest is history! We both graduated with agriculture degrees, were married, and started working in the ag field. Through vertical integration (in our case, we supplied the barns, land, labor, etc and an integrator supplied the hog, transportation, feed, etc), we bought our first farm in 2006 and “started farming”, my husband as a first generation farmer. It was not easy, but worth it! You can read more about that HERE.

Soon after we decide to start a family, we experimented with different niches to help replace my income. Before long, we found ourselves as Pumpkin Farmers! We also discovered we loved the simple life of self-sufficient living. I began to learn more about herbal remedies, and our farm products were born! We love what we do and the freedom it gives us as a family, but it does not come without lots of hard work and sacrifice.

Agriculture is a complex industry with lots of challenges and misconceptions. So, come along with us as we share our journey in first generation farming/homesteading, raising kids, homeschooling, and making the best life with what we’ve been given. We hope you will be encouraged and maybe learn a little something along the way!

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