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Our goat milk soap is creamy, smooth, and best of all, moisturizes all types of skin! It is especially great for itchy, dry or sensitive skin.

All of my children have extremely dry skin and eczema. We tried many different remedies, but none with much success. I soon discovered goat milk soap and I often say, it saved our skin! The kids love it for bath time and I use it as a wonderful cleanser for my face each day.

Like our other all natural bath and body products, we use carefully grown and selected farm products to ensure you have the best experience possible.  We also use our in house herb-infused oils to add extra healing properties and wonderful scents to our soaps.

Goat milk soap is great for your skin for many reasons. It contains Vitamin A, which helps repair damaged skin. It is a gentle cleanser and reduces inflammation and soothes skin irritated from acne, psoriasis, or eczema.  Goat milk soap is rich in nutrients niacin, thiamine, Vitamin B6, and alpha-hydroxy acids which help protect your skin from sun damage, promote healthy skin growth, and aid in absorption of skin on a deeper level.

If you haven’t tried goat’s milk soap for better, smoother skin, why not today?!  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Natural Goat Milk Soap

SKU: 0015
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