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Christmas Skillet Cookies

There’s talk about snow. And even though it will likely be just a dusting, us Tennesseans can’t help but get excited! We just don’t get to experience it that often. The thought of snow has put me in the Christmas mood and I badly want to decorate my tree. We always get a live tree so that’s just not possible yet, so I did the next best thing. I baked! There’s nothing like a little baking to get you in the Christmas spirit. I call these Christmas cookies because we always make them at Christmastime, but they are good all year round. They are the perfect mix of chewy and crunchy and I promise, they are so good! They are unlike any “regular” cookie and we love them for being different! I hope you will try them too! I started making these and my girls were so excited, they wanted to join in. They ended up making them all by themselves (while I took pictures 😉) so that shows you how simple they are to make.

Like most families, we have so many foods we make as part of our Christmas traditions, but these may be one of my favorites! These were my grandmother’s recipe and a Christmas dinner was never complete without them. Her name was Martha Ann and it was so sweet to look over and see our Martha Ann making her great grandmother’s cookies. I love that I have family recipes to pass down to my kids. They never met many of the ladies that most my most influenced my life, so this is a way I can show them just part of who they were. Things like recipes seem so mundane, but are so precious to me now that they are gone. Every time I make them, I’m taken back in time. I can still see her (Monk, we called her) cooking away in her big brown kitchen. I can still hear her laughing and talking with my Mom and her sisters. Man, she had the best laugh. ☺️ I can still picture every ornament on their tree in the living room with the ceiling that seemed a mile high. I’m sure you have some of those recipes too. Those that are just a little bit more special than the others. Those that just make you feel good inside. Those that just connect you to times gone by and people passed. As we near the holiday season, I hope you make time to drag out those family recipes and make some time for remembering and making memories!

Christmas Skillet Cookies:

  1. 1 Stick of Butter

  2. 1 Cup of Sugar

  3. 8 Oz. of Dates

  4. 2 Cups of Rice Krispies

  5. 1 Cup of Nuts (optional) I use walnuts.

  6. 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla

  7. Powdered Sugar for Coating


The main ingredient is dates, but don’t let that scare you away! Dates are packed with lots of vitamins, but also super yummy. They are sometimes hard to find in our small town, but when I see them, I usually buy a few boxes and freeze them. That way I can make skillet cookies all year long! Seriously, so so good!

In a cast iron skillet, (don’t ask questions, just use the skillet!)

Cook dates, sugar, and butter on medium for 15 minutes. Stir continuously.

Take off heat and add vanilla, Rice Krispies, and nuts.

Mix well, and let them cool slightly.

Form into balls and roll in powdered sugar.


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