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Our livestock operation consists of contract swine facilities, a cow calf operation, and a Boer-Kiko goat herd.  The hogs are owned by Tosh Farms and sold on a contract basis to a packer, so we do not sell any hogs to the public.  Most of our cattle are sold through local sale barns, but we do have many goats for sale each spring and fall after kidding.  We also have farm fresh brown eggs for sale through our seasonal farm market or by order. 

We have crossed a  South African Boer nanny with a Kiko billy for a durable, heat tolerant, and quality herd.  These goats are used for their meat  and grow very well in the West Tennessee climate.  We have a healthy closed herd that has been kept on a regular hoof trimming and worming schedule and fed quality hay and grain.  We keep most of our females as replacements, but have bucks for sale each kidding season for slaughter or show use.  




Gilt-A female pig that has not given birth yet.
Sow-A female pig that has had at least one litter of pigs.
Swine-Another name for a pig or hog, usually used when referring to a group.
Boer-A breed of goat.
Kiko-A breed of goat.
Gilt Selection-The process of selecting replacement females for a herd of swine based on reproductive criteria.
Great Pyrenees-A breed of dog used for protecting herds of goats, sheep, etc.
Bermuda hay-A type of grass hay.
Buck-A young male goat.
Billy-An uncastrated male goat.
Nanny-A female goat that has given birth at least one time.
Kid or Kidding-The term given to the process of giving birth for goats.
Finisher-A facility used to raise a group of hogs until they reach market weight.
Farrowing-The term given to the process of giving birth for pigs.


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